St. Ann’s Respect Life Committee:

Members meet on the third Saturday of the month from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. following the 8:30 a.m. Mass. The meetings start in September and they end in June. There are no meetings during the months of July and August. There are ten registered members. The meeting starts with a prayer, asking Our Lord and His Blessed Mother to intercede for all unborn children and their families, as well as those mothers contemplating abortion and protection of life at all stages. The minutes from our previous meeting are discussed. Our main goal is to help mothers, especially during Crisis Pregnancies.

Respect Life Parish Coordinators are helped by the Archdiocese Family–Life Respect Life Office. They offer two semi-annual Coordinators Respect Life Conferences for Parish Coordinators at three different locations within the New York Archdiocese. They send Pro-Life material about the Sisters of Life and their work and activities. Dates, times and places of the Conferences will be announced at the Membership Meeting. In the past, women from our community have been helped during their pregnancies, preventing abortion by counseling and by referring them to the Sisters of Life Centers, especially the Sisters of Life Visitation Mission Center on 320 E. 66 St. in Manhattan. They also offer them clothing, furniture and gift certificates. All St. Ann’s Respect Life members receive the list of maternity centers, where they can refer girls when they need help.

The Committee also urges members to support and attend the annual March for Life to Washington D.C. to end the Culture of Death and Abortion every January 22.

Holy Hour for Life:

Holy Hour for Life is sponsored by the Respect Life Committee. It is held on the Feast Of Our Lady. The dates of this Feast are always printed in the church bulletin. The intentions of this Holy Hour For Life is to pray for respect and dignity for all human life at all stages and for an end to abortion.

Cenacles of Life Movement:

Recently a new Pro-Life Movement from Pope Benedict XVI has started in the Catholic Church. The goal of this movement is to encourage parishioners in every Parish the formation of a Prayer Group called “Cenacles of Life.” The intention of this Prayer Group is to petition Our Lord through His Blessed Mother, for an end to abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, cloning and assisted suicide.

With more than 125,000 abortions occurring annually within New York State, the Archdiocese is urging Churches to start offering Cenacles of Life in all Parishes. Already five Parishes in Yonkers, NY are offering this devotion including St. Ann’s Church. The Cenacles of Life Movement is held every Saturday immediately following the 8:30 a.m. Mass.

The Cenacles of Life consists of the recitation of two rosaries, fasting or denial of pleasures, on a weekly basis. These prayers will bring an abundant amount of graces for the unborn children, the severely handicapped and the elderly so that they may be spared from the ravages of Anti-Life forces, especially the New Pro-Abortion Administration. St. Ann’s Respect Life Committee encourages parishioners to take part in this Pro-Life Movement. Members are greatly needed and very welcome.

The Spiritual Director of the Cenacles of Life is Father Frank Pavane, Founder of Priests for Life. The website for the Cenacles of Life is: (

The Foster/Adoptive Parents Programs:

The Foster and Adopted Children are also remembered by the Committee. There are hundreds of children in New York City awaiting a permanent loving home. Brochures are available from The Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau for interested families. The Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau Maternity Hotline # is: 1 (800) 592 – 4357. The web site is:

Abortion Sites:

There are two Abortion Clinics located in Yonkers, NY. The Rosary is offered in front of Planned Parenthood, 20 South Broadway, by the Group Advocates of Life, opposing all abortions taking place in the building on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. There is another Abortion Clinic, which is called Women’s Health Resources that is located on 1990 Central Park Avenue. Pro–Lifers are also praying in front of this site.

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Rev. Andrew P. Carrozza, Pastor

Rev. John P. McDonagh,
Parochial Vicar

Rev. James Annor-Ohene,
Parochial Vicar

Mr. Michael P. Vicario,

Mrs. Peggy Foley-Pagano,
Parish Secretary

Mr. Paul Loman,
Director of Music

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